Southeastern uses two primary font families represent our forward-thinking brand with a nod to our history. When used consistently across various communication channels, they give the University a distinct tone of voice that is distinctive, bold and caring.

Official Fonts

Serif Font Family: Freight Pro

Freight Caps Specimen

Freight Specimen

Sans Serif Font Family: Neutraface 2

Neutraface 2 Specimen 1

Neutraface 2 Specimen 2

The official fonts of Southeastern Louisiana University are Freight Pro (serif) and Neutraface 2 (sans serif). Official fonts are primarily used by professional graphic designers for advertising and University publications. Neutraface 2 must be purchased; Freight is part of the Adobe Suite fonts.


Default Fonts

Times New Roman and Arial

For normal office usage, or when limited to system fonts, the preferred typefaces are Times New Roman (serif) or Arial (sans serif). These are the official default fonts of Southeastern and are preferred for daily use in printed communications, powerpoint and common electronic media.


Web Fonts

The current official web font on Southeastern's website is Roboto Condensed for headings and Roboto for body copy.  Additional fonts may be used for design purposes in very limited capacities.

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed CapsSpecimen

Roboto Condensed Specimen


Roboto Caps Specimen

Roboto Specimen



Exceptions to official fonts may be made for invitations, posters, banners or special events.