Perception is reality. Human beings are hardwired to perceive the world in their own unique ways. People think what they think about us because of a perception, an experience or just a feeling. For too long, we've not defined and taken ownership of our "brand" in the minds of our constituents and stakeholders. Instead, they have owned and defined that "brand" with very little input from us.

It is time we owned this and communicated it in a meaningful and impactful way.

Through a nearly yearlong process, a university-wide committee worked to define "who we are," "what we deliver" and "how we communicate it" for Southeastern. The ultimate goal is that we all can tell Southeastern's story with integrity in a way that ensures people understand the best about us.

Communications Success = Consistency of Message x Repetition of Message


What Is A Brand?

To a student, it is, simply, an experience. To us as part of the university, it is the promise of an experience. A brand is not a logo, the colors, fonts or taglines. A brand is something far deeper – those elements only reflect and help to communicate the brand.

Our brand is experienced everyday by our students. It is how they are treated in class, the extra attention we give them when they need help, the focus on them as the core of our purpose. It is who we are.

A brand may change over time, but it is relatively consistent. Ways to communicate it, campaigns, advertising may change, but the central personality remains the same.


What Does that All Mean & What do we do with it?

Our brand is what we promise to deliver to our stakeholders... AND what we deliver.

We must communicate it. We want to communicate it in meaningful and impactful ways in a consistent manner with one voice.


Defining Our Brand

A brand is a strategic guide and a tactical mirror. It guides the largest and most important decisions we make and it should be a reflection of the best of us each time we interact and communicate. It must be in alignment with our institutional purpose and vision.